When you join STC you become a member of an international organization devoted to supporting the interests of technical communicators.

Sacramento Metro Chapter

When you join STC, you are affiliated with the Sacramento Metro Chapter, one of STC’s most member-oriented groups. Our principal purpose is to provide value to chapter members. Here are a few of the benefits. For us, it’s about jobs, education, and networking.

Chapter Meetings

We hold up to 11 chapter meetings per year. This is your best opportunity to network with fellow members to find work and to help each other with projects. Half of our meetings focus on networking.

How Meetings Work

Unlike other STC chapters, we don’t charge you to attend meetings. On top of that, light meals are often provided by our sponsors! When meeting at a restaurant where meals are not provided by the sponsors, meal purchase is optional. Order what you want. Tipping is up to you. Obviously, there is no pre-registration and no requirement to choose between fatty prime rib and a rubber chicken.

Excellent Presentations

The program portion of our meeting schedule features great speakers, both local and from afar. Some topics are for beginners and others are for advanced practitioners. Sometimes we look at non-traditional career paths where technical communicators can make a mark.

Useful Employment Seminars

Employment is essential. We hold up to three of these free seminars per year. Essential education seminars. Learning is an ongoing process. We hold two of these free seminars per year.

STC (international)

Here’s what STC says about itself:
STC seeks to advance the arts and sciences of technical communication, promote awareness of the latest trends and technology in the field, and provide innovative services for the education and professional development of its members.


  • You get publications to keep you up-to-date on current trends, tools, and practices vital to the industry. STC publishes Intercom, a lively monthly magazine, and Technical Communication, a scholarly quarterly journal.
  • You get unrestricted access to STC’s website.
  • You get full access to STC’s Technical Communication Career Center – containing job openings geared toward the technical communication field.
  • You can attend the annual conference at reduced member rates.
  • You can attend educational phone seminars at reduced member rates.
  • You can to join STC’s two dozen Special Interest Groups (SIGs). You get STC’s Annual Salary Survey, which provides vital statistics on pay and benefits for technical communicators in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Your dues also help fund competitions, scholarships, and fellowships.
  • STC offers its members a range of health insurance options thanks to a program recently implemented in cooperation with Marsh Affinity Group Services, a leader in insurance program management.

How to join

Download an application at the STC site
We value your joining, and look forward to a long-term professional association with you!